Azawah EODN: Litter 2013 (UPDATE)

We are working and planning for an Azawakh Litter 2013 at El Oudalan de Nico.
Bahama has been inseminated a few weeks ago and we're praying for a Success. We will know the results by Mid-March.

The 2013 Litter attempt is:

Bahama El Oudjalan du Royaume de Sikishyma (D) x
Kel Simoon Gugurami (S)

The insemination did not work for this litter; Bahama is now retired from breeding!

New Azawakh Litter Attempt for 2013 will take place in Fall 2013:

Sambala Nakawa n'Simoon (D) x
G'wafa Faro El Oudalan deNico (S)
(Inbreeding total : 4,51%)

For any contact or reservation: azawakh@azawakh.ca

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