Ataram Idiiyat-es-Sahel.. A New Home !

We are very honoured and thankfull to Daoud and Mimi. Ataram Idiiyat-es-Sahel has a new home... in the great Montreal area.
He is a 2,5 y.o. Azawakh male, from Idi Ilaman Afelahlah (Sire) and Tiwul Idiiyat-es-Sahel (Dam). Ataram is quite calm, self-confident and independent, affectionate and friendly.
Bred by Daoud in the desert, Ataram was homed at Mimi's ranch in northern California. I want to thank Mimi who received me to operate the transfer to Montreal... nice trip in California !

We hope (but quite sure) Ataram will have a happy life in Montreal !

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